About Me

Hi there! My name is Annie Blackwell. I am a former micro-farmer, landscape designer, and Etsy shop owner. With 7 years of self employment under my belt, I know what you need help with (because I needed it too!).


Work With Me to Avoid Costly Mistakes

As a small business owner I did All. The. Things. It meant less time making products for sale, taking on new design clients, and growing vegetables. I needed a virtual assistant to do the data entry, customer service, website maintenance, bookkeeping and so forth so I could focus on the work I loved and only I could do – In short: the things that made me money. 

How much is your time worth? How many more clients could you serve if you weren’t focused on tasks you should delegate? How much could you increase your revenue if you were free to focus on design and production? I’d like to help you save time and decrease stress so you can focus on what you do best.


A Virtual Assistant is an Investment You Need

I should have hired an assistant so I could focus on the work that created value but virtual assistants weren’t available and I didn’t have the space or resources for an employee. It all worked out in the end but it was exhausting. I realized that if I need this kind of help, so do other small business owners! After a break, during which I had my son, I am back in school earning an associates degree in accounting (my BS is in Anthropology) and I’m helping people like you who need virtual assistance with their small business.


Flexible Assistance Without the Overhead

Because I work virtually you don’t need to provide equipment, office space, or benefits. Whether you need help a few hours a week, long term assistance, or project based support: I’m here with custom solutions for your business.


Let’s talk about how I can help you!

Contact me with questions or check out my packages and services. Don’t see what you need? Ask me about it!